Common Questions on Cigar Selection

1. What type of cigar should I get?

Before selecting a cigar, it is best to consider what type of experience you are looking for. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a mild to medium bodied cigar. The more experienced smoker might enjoy a darker cigar, which tend to be heavier and spicier and may require you to have a meal in your stomach beforehand. However, each individual has a different experience and opinion about the same cigar.

2. What is the different between a Cuban and a Nicaraguan/Dominican/Honduran cigar?

Cuban cigars have a very distinct taste, which make them different than other cigars. The climate, soil and technique of the hand rolled cigars gives a complexity which makes them uniquely different. However, in recent years cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras have improved in terms of quality and construction, making them equally as desirable. As a rule of thumb, Dominicans smoke are mild, Nicaraguan smokes are full/spicy, and Honduras smokes are earthy.

3. How do I cut a cigar?

Before you light the cigar, you must first cut the capped end off. Be sure not to cut past the shoulder, or the wrapper will unravel while smoking.

4. What type of cutter should I use?

The style cutter you use directly affects the air flow and draw of the smoke. There are three basic methods used to cut a cigar: Hole punch, V-cut and Straight cut.

Hole Punch: This cutter puts a small, circular hole on the cap of the cigar. This method is preferred if you are smoking a full body cigar.

V-cut: This cutter put a V shaped notch on the cap of the cigar, limiting the intake of smoke similar to that of the hole punch.

Straight cut: This cutter snips off the top of the cigar by the cap. This method is the most tradition of the cuts.

5. How do I light a cigar?

When lighting a cigar, it is important to use a lighter with low fuel, as it will destroy the taste of the cigar. A torch-flame lighter or match sticks are the preferred method. Hold the cigar far enough from the tip of the flame where the end get warm and begins to turn red. At this point, place the cigar in your mouth and draw from the flame to fully light the cigar.

6. How often do I take a draw from a cigar?

On average, you should take about 2 to 3 pulls every minute. Taking too many draws will cause the cigar to burn too hot, ruining the experience.

7. How often so I ash a cigar?

Maintaining a decent amount of ash on the end of the cigar will help keep the burn cool, allowing less heat in your mouth. However, you don’t want to drop the ash on you or your shirt. Allow about 1” of ash to form on the cigar.

8. What drinks pair well with cigars?

This is most often a personal preference of the individual smoker. Drinking water adds no additional flavor and will not affect the taste of the cigar. Some cigars pair great with coffee/espresso, cognac and single malt scotches.

9. Where should I smoke a cigar at?

Sitting comfortably on one of the plush leather sofas at The Cigar Box!!